Improving your Email Marketing Campaign

Today, companies are relying heavily on email marketing to promote their sale, highlight their new products and company news. More than 90% of the customers are using email on a daily basis and checking their emails on a regular basis. A successful email marketing campaign is a reflection of a loyal customer base. Therefore, improving the email marketing campaign is essential as it will increase the ROI, will build brand recognition and increase the brand awareness. Traditional forms of marketing are not going to help you attract and build long term customers. Follow these tactics to improve the email marketing campaign.


Embed a Video

According to a research, adding a video will increase 55% of click-through rate and increases the sharing of the video by 41%. You are probably missing out on a lot of opportunity by not using video in the marketing communication. A video showing how to use the product is a great way to teach the customers on using the product. It will have an added advantage that the customers will complain less and you will face lower returns. A video speaks a thousand words and it will definitely attract the attention of the customers. The video should be non-pushy and tell the customers you really care about making things extremely easy for the customers.

Opt-out Option

Maintaining goodwill is a tedious task in business and when a customer wished to leave the marketing campaign, you need to ensure that the process of quitting is easy and simple. The opt-out should be present in all the email communication and should be visible to the customers. You need to ask the customer the reason for leaving the campaign only then you will able to improve the marketing campaign. If opt-out option is not given, then the customer is likely to filter the email as spam.

Focus on marketing insights

Track the email marketing metrics so that you can improve the campaign based on the results. You can change your content strategy to ensure customers are engaged for a long time. Therefore, monitor the marketing insights every week and take necessary action.