Improving Spam Rates with Email Segmentation

You have been reading about ways to grow a mailing list and content, which piques curiosity in the minds of the customers, but with how are you going to channelize all the information you have obtained from the customers? Moreover, your clientele consist of people from diverse background and culture, how are you going to make the best of the demographics, gender and nationality? The answer to all these question is email segmentation. Email segmentation is a powerful way to connect with customers of varied demographics and attribute, and effectively increase the customer base.


What is email segmentation?

Segmentation is categorizing the subscribers based on their demographics, attributes, preferences, age group or gender. It is done to increase the relevancy of the content, which is being triggered to these customers. In short, you are able to effectively connect with a particular class of people by sending messages according to their taste and preferences. For example, you are a clothing merchant and cater to both males and females of different age groups, you can segment the mailing list into males of a particular age group and females of a particular age group. This way you will not be sending messages relevant to the male group to the female counterpart. It will directly improve the spam rates and less number of people will walk away from the campaign. A high spam rate is disastrous to any campaign and you need to ensure that spam rate is as low as possible.

How email validation helps email segmentation?

Today email address verification is the heart and soul of any email marketing campaign and it will help email segmentation as well. While segregating customers into different categories, you will unknowingly segment even the spam traps and the inactive email addresses. If mails are triggered to the inactive email addresses, it will result in hard bounces and degrade the sender’s reputation. Therefore, one step before email segmentation is email validation as it will help you permanently remove unwanted customers. The spam rates automatically comes down when verify email is used to clean the mailing list.