Improving Email Marketing Strategies

Today, email is one of the most preferred platform for communication with customers and business owners across the world. Like all marketing platforms, you need a proper strategy to entice and attract customers. When email marketing is used in a proper way and all the golden rules are followed, the marketing campaign becomes cost-effective and successful. The goal of every email marketing campaign is not to reach the inbox of the customers, it is to make the customers open and read their messages. And, if you are looking to increase the open rate and the click-through rate, you need to give the customers a reason to open your messages. Remember, email marketing is all about trying and testing the methods leading to success.


Follow these marketing strategies.

Spelling and Grammar

Using proper spelling and grammar is essential in email marketing because a message full of grammatical errors will never make sense and the reader will eventually lose their interest. Use punctuations when necessary, but if you overdo it, the message will sound too sales oriented. Also, use grammar according to the target audience. For example, if you are targeting a British audience, use British English as these readers are not used to American English.

Segment the mailing list

List segments help to attract customers in a better way as the communication is sent based on their preference and interest. You can target the customers based upon their occupation, industry, purchase history, gender, age or location. Use the data provided the customers to effectively communicate. List segmentation always has a higher open and click-through rate. Therefore, it is essential to segment the list and offer unique content, which the customers demand.

Use split testing

Test different variations of different aspects and use the one offering the best results. You can use variations such as send time (morning vs evening or morning vs afternoon), length of the subject line, personalization of the message and the sender’s address. These variations will help you build a marketing strategy, which is most effective. Remember to use a sample audience of at least 100 people for the split testing to become successful.