Important Missing Metrics of Email Marketing

Email metrics are important to decide the success and failure of an email marketing campaign. Deep and insight analysis would help you perform better in the next marketing campaign. Today, marketers are often confused as to which email metrics to follow in order to reap maximum benefits. Statistics are always a great way to understand the requirement and need of the target audience. You can easily improvise and create content based upon the expectations of your target audience. Here are a few important metrics, which are often overlooked by marketers.


Address quality metrics

Performance of any email marketing campaign depends upon the quality of email list as the type of subscribers decide the performance of the email marketing campaign. No amount of incentives and quality of content can be useful if the marketing list comprises of dormant and inactive email addresses. Marketers need to keep an eye on the overall quality of your email list and newly acquired email addresses. You can segregate the email list based upon the percent of email addresses that are primary and percent of addresses that are heavy and regular buyers. You can send marketing emails based upon the interest of these two user groups and ensure maximum conversion.

Customer lifecycle metrics

Understanding the customer lifecycle metric is equally important because it will help you keep the engagement rate high and ensure subscribers stay connected for a long time. You can effectively understand the buying behavior of the subscribers to understand their purchase pattern and how soon a reader purchases and in what phase of the lifecycle. Performance varies across different domains and depends from customers to customers. Focus on customer lifecycle metrics to ensure your readers are engaged for a long time.

No email marketing campaign can become successful unless you focus on important email metrics as only then you can understand the requirement of your target readers. Apart from these missing metrics, you need to focus on open rate, click through rate and conversion rate to entice the readers and ensure they remain loyal to your brand.