How Women Clothing Store can Benefit from Email Marketing

Being fashionable and flaunting the latest designs to the outside world is loved by every woman on this planet. When on a shopping spree no one can ever stop a woman from buying even if they have to spend a hefty amount on the same. As a women’s clothing store, your business has huge potential because you have targeted a set of people who run out of clothes on every occasion and demand new trends and latest collection. And, if a platform like email marketing is used to market your offerings, your business will prosper each passing day. Email marketing is a cost effective and result oriented marketing tool used by millions of small and large businesses today.

 What to do?

Discounts are the first thing, you should offer to the customers. Monthly, weekly or hourly discounts will surely help you grab the market, you are targeting. Give hourly discounts to customers at 2p.m. This will attract the housewives to your store as they remain free during this hour of the day. Moreover, the housewives have a plenty of disposable income, which they will not mind spending for a quality yet affordable outfit. Offer heavy discounts during the night time to attract the working professionals. Targeting and sending regular discounts for these women will help your business flourish in no time. Through the newsletter, you can flaunt the products you have to attract the customers to come to your store and purchase. You can form alliance with different colleges and schools around your area and offer these school girls discount every time a purchase is being made. In the newsletter, you can also suggest different clothes suiting different occasions. Giving tips on matching accessories will further attract the customers to sign up for your newsletter.

What not to do?

Never send email to people who have not subscribed to your newsletter. Men may not appreciate seeing an email from a women’s clothing store in your email box. Therefore, unnecessarily do not take any risk. Send a newsletter only if you have quality information to share with the customers.