How to Write an Effective Email Marketing Copy?

An email marketing copy is one of the top determinants that decides whether the email marketing campaign will work or not. A few copywriting best practices will ensure that the email marketing campaign is successful and you are able to create a copy, which converts potential customers into loyal customers.

1. Focus on the subject line

The subject line of the copy is the gatekeeper for your email. Therefore, it is essential to create interest in the minds of the customers. The leading way to achieve this is incorporating active verbs such as ‘download’, ‘ask’, ‘buy’ and ‘take’ – the readers will know the action that must be taken simply after seeing the subject line.

2. The subject line should sink with the email copy

A discrepancy in the subject line and the email copy is like inviting a demon to eat yourself. Creating a compelling subject line when the body of the email speaks about something else will drive away customers and the trust would be lost. Asking the readers to download something when you have not attached any document in the email is such an example.

3. Use less ‘we’ and more ‘you’

Talking too much about yourself or the company will do you no good. Customers today do not want to link up with organizations or companies that are too much self- centric. Instead, they prefer companies that consider the interest of the customers as their topmost priority. Therefore, focus more on the email marketing copy rather than bragging about your company’s achievements. Create value for the users from the email copy.

4. Use SEO judiciously

The SEO should be used judiciously to pique the interest of the customers. However, you need to ensure that the email marketing copy is well written and not overly filled with keywords that do not make any sense. Use the keywords wherever necessary. Fitting in too many keywords will make the email marketing copy spammy and leave a negative impression in the minds of the readers.

5. Speak about the benefits over features

Use simple and plain English to spread your message to the audience. Always list the benefits the customer can draw from the product or service that you are offering. Talking about the features will not help much because according to researches, when benefits are shared, it leads to a higher conversion rate over when only features are shared with the customers.