How to Use Social Media to Engage Email Marketing Customers

Engaging customers for a long time through email marketing, is extremely tedious as over a period of time a customer becomes bored with the same old newsletter. A human touch in the email marketing is essential as it is probably the leading the way to engage the customers. A great way to add a human touch, is linking the newsletter to the social media channels of your company.

How to do it?

You can invite the email subscribers to their social media platforms so that the customers receive useful insights about your deals, the company and interact with the employees at a personal level. Additionally, you can share content a number of times on the social platforms, which overcomes the risk of getting marked as spam when a number of emails are sent. You can also clearly define the expectation for the customer for every social media platform. It will help customers know what to expect from each social media platform. This will assist customers to choose the platform they are interested in and they will clearly know, which platform will benefit the maximum.

How to connect with the audience?

Consider your target group and then decide on which social media platform will actually engage customers and become your potential customers. If the target audience are females and married women, then it is best to use Facebook and Pinterest as you can share pictures of cute babies, recipes or other interesting stuffs, which actually can interest the females of that age group. Similarly, if your audience is graduate students, then you can choose a blog or Twitter as the social media tool. Twitter and blogs are of interest to graduate students as they give them the power to share their thoughts and be in touch with other people who share the same interest.

The social media channels today are undoubtedly the leading successful tool and with the social media growing at an alarming rate, using it in your email marketing campaign will only help you reach the zenith in your business.