How to Use SlideShare to Improve your Email Marketing

The social sharing platform is not as popular as other social sharing platforms, but it can generate quality leads and give a surging boost to your email marketing campaign. The platform does not only showcase your PowerPoint slides in an exemplifying way, but if used in the right way, it can serve as a free platform to grow your email list, build authentic contacts and ensure thousands of customers visit your website. The social sharing platform has over 60 million unique monthly views and is a great way for business to business marketing. Additionally, a recent report from Comscore revealed that business owners and executives use SlideShare more than Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, if you are catering to different business needs, then SlideShare is definitely the tool for you.

You can definitely increase your email marketing ROI by following the methods given below.

1. Great content is respected on SlideShare

Create interesting and captivating presentations on the social sharing platforms and witness the results. Optimize the content to ensure maximum views. The platform also gives you an opportunity by placing some real good content on their homepage. If you are able to create such a content, you will have tremendous people visiting your website and filling in the email opt-in forms. Remember to have an opt-in form on your website if you decide to use SlideShare. You can create a form on the social sharing platform as well, but for that you will have to shell out some money. Use the service only after you have tasted initial success.

2. Embed SlideShare on your Website

Embedding the social sharing platform will have an added advantage. The longer people stay on your website, the chances of signing-in becomes high. Remember to provide catchy heading, which will intrigue people to sign in for the opt-in form or visit your website.

3. Optimize the content

No one is going to like a dull, long and boring presentation. Therefore, ensure that you do not exceed 60 slides. Use your imagination and design skills to communicate with the customers. You can even share the link of the presentation with the existing customers and let them more about your offerings and services.