How to Use Email Marketing to Drive Social Engagement?

Email marketing remains one of the most fantastic way to communicate with the target audience. The platform is extremely cost effective as it requires no monetary investment and its effectiveness to grow as you rope in more subscribers. However, the real power of email marketing is its ability to integrate with different marketing platforms. You can easily showcase your content to a plethora of social media audience with email marketing. Here are a few ways to leverage the effectiveness of email marketing campaign to drive social engagement.

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Embed featured posts

Interesting and eye catching content is definitely shareable irrespective of the core purpose of your email blast. You need to create such content to ensure a top performing campaigns. Such good quality content easily goes viral on social media provided you have used the social share buttons in the email message. Include the social share buttons either in the header or footer of your email template. When you use the social share icons throughout, your users can share snippet of content immediately. The more your content is shared, the better your featured posts will perform. Focus on creating high quality content to attract the target audience.

Send offers that can be shared

Undoubtedly, exclusive offers for email recipient is a great way to increase customer base, but if you want to make most of the offers, you should allow your recipients to share it with their social followings. You will definitely gain visibility across multiple platforms. Your readers are likely to share such messages as they will want to gain some brownie points from their friends and family members. Focus on escalating the objective value of your offer to increase sales. Offers are definitely loved by people and some very good offers are shared between friends on social media platforms. Focus on using email marketing to send irresistible offers to the target audience.

Announce contests

Contests are a powerful form to increase social media engagement and email blasts help in increasing the email subscribers. A meaningful contest announced over email will ensure that customers share it with their friends and followers. And, when the contest is over, announce the winner over email to tell the subscribers the benefit of being an active member.