How to Take Advantage of Email Marketing using Analytics?

Click through rates, conversion rates and open rates are a few metrics on which most marketers spend their time. Marketers have the analytical tool in hand that provides instant results, but rarely any email marketing campaign uses advanced analytics to understand the requirements of the customers. Having the basic data segregated is one thing, but analyzing the data to create an altogether new email marketing campaign is another thing. Here are a few ways of taking advantage of email marketing analytics to increase the ROI and reach the inbox of the readers.


See where your readers are engaging

You need to analyze how and where each customer is interacting with your email program. Focus on using heatmaps and click tracking technology to understand which email is engaging the readers. With the help of click tracking technology, you can know where your readers are clicking – text, images or hyperlinks. Based on the results, you can make changes in the next email for more clicks. It will further help you understand the design of your email and you can effectively use it to reach the target audience. Redesigning future campaigns become easier with heatmaps and click tracking technology. Therefore, focus on using advanced analytics.

Study the email engagement

One of the main benefits of advanced analytics is that it helps you understand for how long subscribers have your email running. Seeing how long your email is capable of holding the customer’s attention is essential as it will reveal whether your email marketing tactics are working or not. Focus on studying and analyzing the email engagement trend to tweak changes in your next campaign. Marketers who analyze the email engagement rates are more capable of attracting the readers in the next campaign when compared to marketers who do not analyze.

Focus on customers

With advanced analytics, you can zoom down your search to a single person and understand how a particular customer is behaving and responding to your emails. It will help you eliminate customers who are inactive for a long time.

Focus on using email marketing analytics to increase your marketing revenue.