How to Strategically Target Customer in Email Marketing

A majority of the luxury brands are unable to foresee the potential of an effective email marketing campaign. Expectations of the readers have changed and they expect the content to be tailored according to their needs. However, brands are unable to leverage the full potential of segmentation and rarely ask the ZIP code in their email sign-up form. Geo segmentation can help marketers penetrate a completely untapped market. Additionally, major brands today forget the thin line of difference between customers and newsletter receivers. As a brand you need to understand that not your newsletter receivers will make a purchase and not all your customers would agree to receive a newsletter.


Say no to generic content

Marketers need to leverage the different services and products they offer and integrate it with the cross channel communication. Achieving customer segmentation is a challenging task and crafting emails based upon individual customers is even more difficult. Simply sending generic content and treating all the customers alike will never help in building a strong customer relationship. It’s high time you stop sending generic content and focus on sending personalized messages to the target audience. Personalization has become a key in deciding the success and failure of an email marketing campaign.

Deliver content your prospects cannot resist

Follow the digital trail left behind by form submits, website visits, online searches and email engagement to craft content for your prospects. You can use this data to gather insight into the buying cycle and understand the requirement of the customer. This information can later on be used to send ultra-personalized email messages, which are perfectly in context with the readers. Irresistible and meaningful content will automatically deliver the desired results. Your content should speak to the buyer and pique their interest in your services and product.

Evaluate the Analytics

You should focus on testing and evaluating analytics when managing an email marketing campaign. Without setting benchmarks, determining whether your efforts are working or not will become difficult. Use different strategies and test variables to create a successful email marketing campaign.