How to Stay Competitive in Email Marketing?

The number of global email users is expected to increase to 2.7 million by the end of this year because of which it remains a favorite marketing tool. Email has been the leading tool to build customer relationship and convey important messages to the readers. More than one-third of the marketers prefers to integrate email marketing with social media to engage more readers and build a strong customer relationship. Here are a few ways to integrate email marketing with a different marketing platform to ensure you stay competitive in the online platform.

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Go to the basics

Before integrating other digital channels, you need to understand the basics of email marketing. Securing the email addresses of your customers is essential and most brands are successful in building a strong marketing list, but they forget to acquire readers through social media, point of sale and during website browsing. You’ll potential readers if you’re missing out on these points. You can offer coupon rates on the website, which can be accessed only after a customer leave their email address. You can even share simple call-to-action on your social media platforms and attract the readers. You need to make sure that you leverage the advantage of different marketing platforms for a successful email marketing campaign.

Personalization is the key

In order to reach the target audience, you need to improve the personalization. Though personalization is not new, still more than 10% of the brands fail personalize their communication. And, less than half of the message use the customer name. Strategies like these is essential to stand out and connect easily with the target audience. You can personalize each and every aspect of the email marketing campaign. For example, consider personalizing an email offering or products and services featured in the email newsletter. You can enhance the personalization as and when you receive information about the customer.

A digital marketing strategy with multiple channel is a great way to entice the readers, but you need to master the basics before integrating other platforms with email marketing.