How to Segment your Email Marketing for Holiday Sales?

Email marketing is crucial for holiday sales, especially for ecommerce business owners. But, sending the same email to everyone, drastically reduces the open and the click rate as required of every subscriber is different. Today, brand rely heavily on email marketing to send their message to the target audience. And, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re a marketing veteran or someone just entering into this field – you need outstanding content to win the trust of the readers. In such a process, segmenting the readers is necessary as it will help you attract more subscribers. Here are a few ways to segment email marketing for the holiday season.

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Buying behavior

Segmenting customers, according to buying behavior include dividing the readers into groups that define their familiarity with the brand, buying patterns and purchase history. Such segmentation will help you focus your efforts on people who constantly make a purchase from your brand. For example, most of the airlines focus primarily on frequent flyers and give out different offers to customers who use their airline on a regular basis. You need to change your promotional strategy for such customers and send frequent offers to further entice the readers. You need to remind the consumers of the advantage of a long-term fruitful relationship.

Demographic segmentation

It’s one of the most commonly used forms of segmentation as its clearly identifiable and helps in understanding the requirement of the customers. For example, customers living in a hot climate would prefer cold items such as ice-creams over people living in colder climates. As a marketer, you need to understand the requirement of the reader to cater to their needs. Furthermore, you can segment the readers based on age, location, gender, income, religion, race and nationality.

Past Purchases

Segmenting by understanding the past purchases is another to effectively optimize the email marketing. The easiest way to start attracting the readers is by sending out email recommendations for similar items or accessories that go well with the previous purchase.

Segmentation is an essential tool when it comes to email marketing.