How to Reach Customers through Mobile Email Marketing?

Mobile is the next leading thing in today’s world and with more than 66% people using smart phones today. And, email marketing can benefit a lot from the mobile as customers today read messages on the mobile instead of laptops or desktops. Mobile are easily accessible and used worldwide by a majority of customers.

The following ways can be used to reach to the customers using mobile:

1. Become an attention grabber

The subject line is one the major reasons for an email marketing campaign on mobile to success. Mobile phones are compact devices and because of this reason the subject line should be as short as possible. Therefore, the subject line should be catchy and crisp. A subject line should force the customers to open the email.

2. Compelling first line

As an email marketer, your task does not end by simply creating a catchy headline. Mobile customers often given preference to the first line of the email. Only if they find the first line of the email compelling, they will bother to read ahead and see what the email has to offer. Therefore, be relevant and precise. Do not start narrating a story as customers will lose interest and without taking any action considering it to be a waste of time.

3. Let the customers know you

Mobile customers have an extremely low tolerance for spams and they delete messages without thinking once about it. Therefore, it is essential that you use a genuine address and name when sending emails to the customer. This is will increase trust and enhance the click through rates of the campaign. Customers today prefer honesty and it would be best to give them according to their requirement.

4. Target customers based on Location

Never make the mistake of sending the same email to people belonging to different locations, especially when the target customer is based on locations. Customized email will benefit you as customers will be able to connect with you in a better way and link emotionally with the brand.

The reach of mobile email marketing is huge and it depends on you, how well you leverage the effectiveness of the mobile email marketing.