Preserving the hyperlink & text styling in HTML Email Templates

Its something all of the email marketing folks out there encounter and I believe that following this simple technique should help you preserve your HTML styling. Usually HTML email templates come with beautiful color selection, great link styles and image formatting. Sadly however, some of the new users to the world of Email Marketing tend to find it hard to avoid loosing these wonderful color selections and link styling.

The simple technique to avoid this from happening to a…


Image – Browse or Upload the file by clicking on the existing image and insert the image as per the required pixels.  This helps the editor you are using (usually WYSIWYG editors) keep the existing formatting and to just replace the image file. Alternatively you can click on the HTML icon to edit the file location manually.

Hyperlinks – Start typing the text you want the hyperlink to contain from the middle. Then delete the unnecessary words to the left and right. After you have done that, select the hyperlink by double clicking or manually by using your mouse and replace the URL with the desired one. Click update for the desired change to occur. You can do this manually by directly typing into the HTML and clicking update.

Different Font Text – Follow the exact technique that we used for Hyperlink by typing the desired text from the middle and deleting the text from the left and right. You can do this from HTML source code as well.

This is just for novice users who want a quick way around preserving the links, colors and image formatting. I am sure there are much advanced ways to carry this task out or much easier way too. If you think of something more easier than this, do let me know by using the comment form below.