How to Overcome the Challenges Faced in Email Marketing

A lot of things can go wrong in a marketing campaign ranging from conception to delivery. Following are the five most commonly faced challenges and simple steps to fix them.

Waiting for the last minute

Sometimes we make critical decisions in the last minute. Sometimes marketers decide the subject line just before clicking on the send button. The subject line and the pre-header text are very crucial, especially when around 60% of the mails are viewed on the mobile and tablet. Busy professionals skim through your emails and decide whether to open the email or immediately delete it.

Fix: Make a campaign brief in which you decide what the key business goals are, value to the reader, subject line and pre-header text.

Thinking that mobile is just for calling

Most of the marketers are not aware of their reader’s habit, like most of the email marketers do not know how many of their readers using mobiles to access the emails.

Fix: the ability to understand the reader is really important. Lack of awareness about your readers can prove to be a career killer. A mobile strategy can prove to be a failure, if it’s developed, without knowing how many of the readers are the true mobile audience.

Designing dull emails

Excellent creative emails do not mean an excellent web creative and vice-versa.  The mindset that nobody is designing emails because it is impossible, is now a history. A new generation of designers understands what distinguishes a remarkable and a functional email.

Fix: Do not compromise on veterans, always try to develop a team of specialist, who have a passion for email marketing.

Working without consultation

Ensure that your email marketing campaigns are not isolated within your organization. One method of doing that is to share the dashboards and business metrics with people outside the team. Share what’s working and how it’s progressing and record views of the internal customers.

No knowledge about email marketing

Knowledge is power. You should have a deep knowledge of how email marketing actually works. And, how it is beneficial for your company.