How to Manage your Email Customer Expectations

Being prompt and accurate holds the key when it comes to a top-level customer service. To reduce unnecessary queries from the customer, the leading way is to help the customers understand what they can expect from your company or product offering. This becomes an essential part because a lot of communication means such as email, phone, and social media are available for the customers to ask queries. And, answering the questions on time becomes difficult for an organization.

The following tips would be useful in maintaining a high customer service level and ensure a positive customer experience.

1. Create a useful signature

Instead of simply writing your company’s name or contact address in the signature, you can write useful quotes to the customers. An example of such a quote is as follows: “I usually respond in 1 working day, in case of urgency you can contact ABC.” This way the customers will know when to expect a reply without getting irritated. You can also include links to your ‘About Us’ page or the ‘FAQ’ for the customers to do some ground research before contacting you for a clarification.

2. Enlighten the customers

If you are already working on resolving an issue a customer has posted, it is best to keep the customers informed regarding the status of the issue. Tell the customers a time frame for when to expect a reply or the resolution of the issue. An informed customer is less likely to get irritated and wait patiently for your reply.

3.  Use appropriate language

While responding to the queries or issues posted by the customer, the language you use should be calm and concerned. Language is incredibly important and always ensure never to overly promise the customer as it will definitely raise the expectation of the customer. And, if the expectation is not fulfilled, it would lead to hampering of the brand loyalty and image.

Last, but not the least, in order of effectively manage the expectation of the customers, honor your words and respond or resolve the issue within the time frame promised.