How to Make your Email Marketing Work? 

Email marketing is the king when it comes to interacting with customers and today it’s being used in more than 90% of the organization as a major means of communication. Even with the advent of different technologies, marketers are going to rely on email marketing. However, if a strategy has worked in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will yield success in the future as well. Some email marketing tactics are outdated and you need to banish them forever. Here are a few ways of making your email marketing work for your brand.


Video and Animated Content

Consumers are used to receiving dull, boring and static email content, which eventually turns away the readers. It’s time to shake up your email marketing strategies. Off lately, the trend of GIF has captured the market and many retailers have managed to win the trust of the readers via different campaigns. Video email marketing is another concept capturing the interest of the readers. Videos are a great way to tell the readers about your brand. It helps in effective communication and the message is communicated easily to the readers. According to a research, emails with a video receive 300% higher click-through rate than emails without it. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity by not using videos in your messages.

Never Forget Mobile

Today, mobile has allowed us to stay connected with the digital realm and an average person checks their email more than 50 times per day. People today primarily use their mobile phone either to text, call or check their emails. Smartphones are the changing the way marketing was earlier carried out. Marketers need to send engaging and personalized subject lines that create an impact on the customers and help them take a desired action. Give the readers a reason to open your email addresses.

Never send blast messages

For many organizations sending blast messages still works, but the chunk is decreasing day by day. You need to constantly adapt and change according to the changing world and technology. According to a research, more than 75% of the revenue is generated through triggered email campaigns.