How to Make Your Email Marketing Mobile Friendly?

Email reading today is one of the top activities done on a mobile. With a significant number of people possessing smartphones using email marketing in your marketing strategy can prove extremely useful and deliver results beyond what you can expect. The synchronization facility available for emails notifies the user for every mail that lands in the mailbox. This will ensure that your email is visible and it does not go unnoticed. Here are three tips to ensure your next email marketing campaign is fully optimized for a mobile device.

1. Pre-header is essential

The text above the header is the pre-header and it is the first viewable thing by the customer. The text is also known as the snippet text. Avoid using boring things and try to add humorous text, which will develop the trust of the customers.

2. Enlarge the call to action button

The touchscreen will not allow users with large fingers to click on a minuscule link provided within the email. Therefore, it is extremely essential that the call to action buttons are bold, large and easily visible by the customers using it on the mobile phone. The action button should be such that it is easily visible as soon as the customers opens the email. If the customer has to search for the link, then he/she will probably lose the interest in the content of the newsletter.

3. Include Images

A majority of the smartphones have the images enabled by default. A customer will hardly turn it off and this why images are extremely important. Images will not only deliver the message with conviction, but also enhance the appearance of the email and make it more interesting for the readers. Too much of text tends to decrease the interest rate of the users. Therefore, whether you are targeting B2B customers or B2C customers, images hold prime importance.

Additionally, earning subscribers interest is extremely essential in a mobile email marketing because unless the customers trust you, they will not bother to read the mail. Leveraging the effectiveness of mobile is dependent on the efforts taken for the email marketing.