How to Make Your Email Even More Interesting?

According to a research, social media invokes excitement and the messages are communicated effectively and the impact created is far better than what an email can create. And, according to people, a majority of the emails are boring and do not appeal to the customers like a social media post does. The problem is that a majority of the brands takes email for granted and never really focus on email marketing. Customers are interested in the email newsletter received, but rarely get excited after reading the content. This is where email marketing is lacking and you need to make the content more appealing to the customers.

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1. Geographic targeting

Your mailing list may consist of thousands of email addresses, and customers will belong to different geographic areas. So, if you are selling any product belonging to the winter season, it will be of no use to customers residing in rainy seasons. Therefore, targeting based the geographic areas will help you build long term customers and ensure sales will increase. Real time geographic targeting allows businesses to change the content of the email based on the context. Therefore, utilize the platform and the feature effectively and see a surge in the customer base. Additionally, adding a personal touch to the geographic targeting will further help you enhance the marketing statics.

2. Integrating social media with email marketing

Combing email marketing with social media is a tried and tested way to make the email more interesting. By bridging the gap between social media and email marketing, you can leverage the effectiveness of both the platforms and build long term relationships with the potential customers. You can create online contests on the social media platforms and send the links to the customers who have subscribed to the newsletter. Live tweets, blogging and Facebook posts are few other ways of integrating email marketing with social media platforms.

The marketing world has changed tremendously in the past few years and marketers need to create emails reflecting the changes and ensure a multimedia experience of the customers.