How to Make The Most of your Mother’s Day using Email Marketing Campaign?

For retailers across the globe, the success of their Mother’s Day campaign depends heavily on the execution and success of their email marketing campaign. This is an extremely popular day, owing to which you need to mark it on your marketing calendar. An effective and special email marketing campaign can definitely generate good sales. A mother is the best gift for any person, use the following tips to communicate better with your target audience and make their special day extra special.


Check the subject lines

Only offering discounts on Mother’ Day is not an ideal engagement tool and it can leave a negative impact. Conduct A/B tests to understand what is working with your customers and what is being disliked by the readers. Moreover, according to a study, email subject lines comprising of two or three words tend to witness a higher open and engagement rate. Additionally, avoid using hashtags and URL in the subject line as customers find it clumsy. Therefore, test different combinations of subject lines to use the one delivering the highest results.

Content should be in-line with CTAs

The main email message should provide value to the reader and tell them about the benefits of your products and services. Keeping the content closer to the CTAs will help you attract potential clients and gives your reader clarity about your expectations. Remember to keep a short, crisp and short CTA that is easily visible and clickable. CTAs that are hidden and not easily visible are rarely clicked by the readers. One CTA per message is more than enough as too many CTAs can thoroughly confuse the customers.

Content should be compatible

As a marketer, you need to understand that your email marketing campaign runs across different platforms and channel. Therefore, the campaign for Mother’s Day should be created keeping in mind the requirement for every customer. Standard templates, which are designed for desktops are way too large for a mobile device, making it difficult for the customers as they have to scroll a lot. Customers tend to lose interest and you lose out on potential readers.