How to make the Email Sales Pitch Work?

Sales pitches reaching the trash is something that is feared by a majority of marketers today. It consumes a lot of time to draft such and create such emails, but it takes only a fraction of second for the consumer to put it in the trash box. So, how is that you can make your email sales pitch actually work.


 1) Personalized emails

Certain clients and customers are very savvy about the way the newsletter reaches them, sending such customers generic emails is a waste of time because they are not even going to look at the sales pitch. Undoubtedly customizing and writing details about the clients or their companies will consume a lot of time, it will also help you in getting your sales pitch converted into real business. Think from the prospective of a client, if they know that you care of their business and understand it well, they will definitely hire you.

 2) Do not sell through the sales pitch

Never send a first sales pitch urging the customers to buy your product or avail the services, instead in the first sales pitch, give them a detailed explanation about your business. Use the first sales pitch as a medium to generate response and instigate customers to get interested in the services of your company.

 3) Try to engage

Engaging the customers through sales pitches does not mean you offer some sort of discount to the clients, it simply means that you should ask them whether they are interested in receiving samples, booklets or newsletter that your company publishes for its client. This is one of the leading ways to build conversation and engage customers. However, ensure that the sales pitch does not contain any open-ended question, which the customers find it difficult to answer. Keep the questions simple and crisp.

 4) Informal tone is great

A formal tone in an email gives the indication of a person selling a product, whereas an informal tone is best suited as a client can easily relate to it. However, ensure that the informal tone is not over-friendly like using words as ‘Wassup Buddy’ or Wassup Dude’, use the informal tone to send your message across in a much lighter and easier way.