How to make the best use of the Gmail Tabbed Inbox

The new Gmail tabbed option has made it difficult for marketers to connect with companies and clients. And, with email marketing being one of the successful type of digital marketing today, companies need to know how they can use the new Gmail Tab to the best potential.

1) Use more than one account to send email

Use different email address for different purpose such as use one account for sending important announcement, one for newsletter and one account that deals with transaction emails to the customer. Having more than one account will be useful when customer’s hit the unsubscribe button for one email address.

2) Provide concise and precise content

Sending long emails will only frustrate the customer and instigate them to hit the unsubscribe button. To prevent this from happening, it is best to provide concise and precise content, content which the customers like and are ready to read when they are free. Moreover, short and to the point email hardly takes a minute to read and it also ensures that your click-through rates are increased helping you get a plethora of good leads.

 3) Use the mail merge feature

The Google spreadsheet function can be used effectively to send personalized mails in a huge number. Through the google spreadsheet function, all the emails will land in the main inbox rather than in the promotional tab of Gmail.

4) Ask customers to help

The customers can help your email marketing become a success, if they add your email address to the primary contact list. To assist customers in a better way, you can send them steps to add your address to the primary contact list. The main aim over here is to make the email reach the primary tab of Gmail, before the search engine giant places is it in the Promotional tab. Send the mails to loyal customers or customers who frequently buy products from your company or website.

 5) Authentic and strong subject line

In order to protect your email from getting lost in the huge sea of messages, ensure that the opening statement and subject line are strong enough for the customers to open the email on their own.