How to lock in great savings with Non-Expiring Credit?

At Email It, we always try to understand the problems our potential and existing customers face. Its where a monthly package seems too big of an investment but you still want to benefit from Email Marketing. We tackled this problem by introducing “pay as you go” credit or what we like to call “non-expiring” credit. So how does it work?

Well, its quite simple. You buy a “email package” full of credit. To choose a right package, It basically comes down to how many emails you are expecting to send and budget. A web design company with decent amount of budget might want to purchase 100,000 Non-Expiring credit while a non-profit organization with a lower budget might purchase just 25,000 email credits. A web design agency might be using those 100,000 email credits for an entire year while the non-profit organization might just use it for 3 months.

Example Cost Calculation:

Web Design Agency (Non-Expiring Credit)
100,000 Emails @ $145 for an entire year
Total Cost (Yearly) = $145

Web Design Agency (Monthly Plan)
100,000 Emails / 12 months = 8333 Emails | 10,000 Emails Package @ $18 for one month
Total Cost (Yearly) = $216

Example Cost Calculation (Low Budget Allocation):

Non-Profit Organization (Monthly Plan)
25,000 Emails / 3 months = 8,333 Emails
10,000 Emails Package @ $18 for one month
Total Cost (Yearly)  = $216

Non-Profit Organization (Non-Expiring Credit)
25,000 Emails @ $55
$55 x 4 = $220
Total Cost (Yearly) = $220

Benefit of purchasing Non-Expiring Credit than monthly plans = $71 (Nearly 49% SAVING)

Non-Expiring credit allows your credit to be rolled on to the following months and years. It will NEVER expire. So when you send one email to a subscriber on your contact list, we deduct one email credit for it. So if you are planning on using Email marketing on a long term basis, plan ahead and save money by purchasing email credit in bulk.