How to Improve the Email Responsive Design?

If you were not focusing on mobile design earlier, you need to change the marketing strategy because a plethora of customers open and read the email messages on their mobile devices. Even purchases occur on the mobile and readers while reading the message visit the website on their mobile device itself. Improving the email responsive design will help you create a successful email marketing campaign because customers will love user-friendly designs. Therefore, if you want to improve the responsive emails, follow the given below best practices.


Single Column Design

With itune store and play store, many people use the gmail app to read the messages on their mobile device. The gmail app works on a single column fundamental and if you create multiple columns in the responsive design, the email will look haphazard on the device. Therefore, in order to give a flawless look and ensure mobile readers remain engaged for a long time, use single column design.

Small screen optimization

The screen size of the devices available in the market is varied and optimizing the email for every device is an impossible task to achieve. Additionally, the design should be such that the CTA is right on the finger target as a customer will find it easy to click such a CTA. The width should be at least 320 by 550 Px. Keep in mind the small screens and optimize the design accordingly. Such responsive designs will help you become successful in email marketing.

Reading should be easy

Try to use as many white spaces as possible as it will help the readers skim through the messages easily. Lack of white spaces makes the email congested and the users find it difficult to read the messages in a short time.

Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that creates an impression. A short and crisp subject line is preferred and attracts a high open rate. Use 30 characters or less on the subject line. A long subject line will not be completely visible on the mobile device and the readers will ignore such messages.