How to Fix Your Email Marketing Strategy?

As a marketer, you’re likely to use email marketing for various purposes and marketing objectives. And, time and again, email marketing is considered as the leading tool to drive conversions. According to marketers, it’s a relatively easier and cheaper tool to send the messages across to the target audience. As much as 80% of the email messages are filtered as spam by readers and once you trigger the spam filters, reaching the inbox of the customers would become next to impossible. Focus on increasing the open rates as it’s a great indicator of the quality of your marketing list. And, if you’re looking to boost the open rate of your email marketing campaign, follow the given steps.

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Examine the root

Your emails may be reaching the spam folder instead of the inbox because of the platform you’re using to send the messages. Consider switching to an email service provider to avoid spam complaints and reach the target audience hassle free. In addition, to boosting the deliverability rate, ESPs can simplify the mailing procedure by taking care of your list management such as subscribing and unsubscribing. You need to treat the infected root to increase the open rate and fix your email marketing strategy. ESPs can make your life as a marketer simpler and easier.

Timing is everything

Just like an endless debate on the time of posting on social media to attract the desired visitors, timing is everything even in email marketing. Whenever possible, avoid sending messages in the morning as customers are in a hurry to start a fresh day. By sending in the morning, you’re trying to catch a place in the already crowded dance floor. Send messages in the early afternoon hours when the readers are checking their emails. If you’re sending one day offer to the customers, send messages in the first half of the morning. In email marketing, timing is necessary to attract the target audience.

Emotional appeal

Emotions is used in almost all the forms of marketing. Therefore, never be afraid of sending messages with a personal touch and with a bit of humor.

Focus on your email marketing campaign to attract the potential customers.