How to Enhance Event Email Marketing

You may feel out of ideas when it comes to promoting the event email marketing. This might be a headache when if you frequently plan events because you will be sending similar types of emails to the customers every time. Undoubtedly, people like consistency in the messages, but becoming too much predictable is a bad marketing sign. Consumers get tired to receive the same email again and again. The major problem lies in the fact that the ideas are not expanded, making the email marketing campaign extremely dull and boring. Here are a few ways how you can enhance the event email marketing.


Send Multiple Emails

Sending too many emails is a strict NO in a normal email marketing campaign, but sending multiple emails for an event is a great idea because people tend to respond well to any event information if it is spread out over many emails. As a marketer, this is a logical step because as the planning of the event progress, you may have interesting and new information for the customers. Tell the customers about the celebrities participating in the event and highlight the main attractions of the event. Make the email announcement as exciting as possible because only then, it will pique interest.

Send at the right time

Sending multiple emails is advantageous if the event is just round the corner, but if the event is three-four months away, then you probably need not send messages every week as it will lead to customer dissatisfaction. If the event is 2 months away, send 1 or 2 emails every two-three weeks, and if the event is one month away, send 1 email every week. It is advisable to send multiple emails if the event is 1 week away. Follow these timelines and you will never be flagged as spam by the readers.

Send emails containing information about the contests, incentives and the sessions to the customers. You can also share the testimonials of customers who previously attended a similar function. Do everything possible to ensure people attend the event.