How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Email Marketing

Getting people to your website is one side of the coin, delivering a quality experience and converting them to customers is another side. Marketers who are able to create a balance between the two are always surrounded by loyal customers. Today, brands are relying heavily on email marketing to drive organic traffic because email is one marketing platform, which yields brilliant results. Include a link of your website in every email communication and whenever a reader reads the email, they are likely to reach your website. Driving organic traffic is hard for many marketers as they are unaware about the power of an email marketing campaign. Here are a few strategies to drive traffic using email marketing.


Grow a strong email list

Successful email marketing begins with a strong marketing list. With the stringent CAN-SPAM laws, sending permission based email messages are advisable. Never add people who have not opted-in for your email marketing list because such customers can filter the messages as spam in the later stage of the lifecycle. Sending subscription based messages is the leading way to attract visitors to your website. When a customer receives content tailored according to their requirement, they are more likely to stay engaged and contented with your marketing efforts.

Segregate customers based upon their interests

Paying close attention to the interest of your readers is a great way to nurture your relationship. Use the website opt-in form to understand the requirement of your readers and share weekly content according to their preferences. Organize the contact list based upon the taste of your readers. Blindly triggering the same message to everyone in your contact list will never serve the purpose. Remember to include your website link in every communication and have a strong call-to-action for a customer to willingly click on it. Driving traffic to your website through email marketing will definitely help you reach the desired results.

Optimize the messages for mobile readers

Relevant content is useful only if presented in a format your target readers can consume. Today, majority of the online activities is done on a mobile phone. Optimize the message for mobile readers to drive interested consumers to your website.