How to Double Your Email Response Rate?

Email marketing is definitely growing each passing day and a major concern of the marketers today is to grow the response rate. The response rate is one of the key metrics, which a plethora of marketers aims at. However, with the growing inflow of email messages in the mailbox a customer barely manages to read all the message.  Therefore, it becomes even more difficult to attract the attention of the customers.

And, the following points will surely help you increase the email response rate.

1. A process is essential

A process in email marketing is considered essential as it gives a definite direction to your campaign. Marketers consider having a process in email marketing as a futile activity as it can easily slowly bring stagnation the whole email marketing campaign. However, in reality the impact is contrasting as it gives the marketers a lot of time to experiment with new things in their campaign and implement their creativity.

2. Test the email on different platforms

Multiplatform is the key today and when people are using different types of platforms, it becomes even more important to test the email on the available platforms. Testing is essential as you never know in which device the customer is viewing the email. It can be either in HTML format or text format. The email can be viewed on desktop, tablets, laptops or even a mobile phone. And, proper alignment ensuring that too much scrolling is avoided will increase the user experience and the probability of the customers opening the email increases many folds.

3. The subject line should be crisp

A catchy and small subject line are enough to attract the customers. Long and boring subject lines go directly in the trash box of the email. If you further want to entice the customers, you can add relevant symbols in the email subject line. According to a research conducted, symbols increases the attractiveness and enhances the click-through and open rate.

4. Forwards and replies are good

A real ‘FWD’ and a real “RE” should not be removed from the email as the customer through these symbols understand that the reply is a message of a previous conversation.