How to Design an Email Newsletter?

A good email newsletter design ensures the readability is increased and the email marketing campaign reaps the desired result. It is extremely simple to upload content on a blog or a social networking site, but designing a compelling and attractive newsletter for email marketing is a tedious task.

1. Design of the template

Having a design for the newsletter in your mind will reduce the amount of work. It is important because you will know how much space you have for content and pictures. A flash template is not always required to capture the attention of the users. A simple newsletter with a right mix of colors and fonts is sufficient to attract customers. When designing the email newsletter, ensure that the width positioning is fixed and the tables of the template layout are used. It will assist the customers when the email is opened on different screen resolution. You can even use grids, headers, footers and department heads in the newsletter. However, ensure that the consistency is maintained even in the subsequent newsletter.

2. Pixel Units

When creating a newsletter, it is advisable to size in pixel because pixels are used worldwide and will work for sure. A 600 pixel width for a newsletter gives you sufficient space to share a lot of content with the customers.

3.  Contrast in newsletter

Color or text contrast is considered as one of the leading ways to attract customers. Bold headlines, highlighted text and different color text or font are ways to create a contrast in the newsletter. You can enlarge a picture or increase the font size to make a point or a statement. However, avoid using different types of font size or color. If you feel that the newsletter is having a dense text, you can use a lot of white space to counteract the dense text in the email newsletter.

4. Conservative newsletter

Too much text or clip art can easily spoil the aesthetics of the newsletter. Therefore, in order to design a captivating newsletter, it is extremely important that frames and boxes are used only when it is absolutely necessary and use one clip art or image per page to make the newsletter appealing.