How to Create Lasting Impression with Email Marketing?

Most retailers and business owners are aware of the extremely slow economy and looking for email marketing to acquire customers. Marketers today are focusing on leveraging welcome emails for customer acquisition, increased customer engagement and conversion. If you’re unsuccessful in sending welcome messages within 24 hours, you will probably lose out on essential customers. Creating lasting impression is the minds of the readers is essential to build long term relationship. Here are a few ways of increasing customer attention.


Best impression starts with a Thank You message

It’s an extremely common courtesy to say ‘Thank You’ to someone you have recently met and the same rule holds true for email marketing. You need to show your appreciation with a thank you message to ensure a great start with the subscribers. Marketers who fail to send such messages often are incapable of building a strong relationship. Unless, you acknowledge the presence of your readers, they are less likely to engage with your content and marketing efforts.

Take customer engagement seriously

More than 40% marketers are not engaging with the readers, even with 48 hours of customer subscribing. You need to understand that customers will forget about signing up for your newsletter, if you don’t send messages within 48 hours. You should improve your email marketing processes to engage the new subscribers. Customer will engage when the brand is fresh in their mind. Send a welcome message as soon as the customer provides their email address. Your task does not end with customer acquisition, you need to engage the potential readers to win their trust and ensure long term revenue.

Deliverability is essential

When messages reach the spam folders, it adversely affects the deliverability rate, which damages the reputation and image of your brand. Focus on using personalization tactics such as past purchase behavior, demographic identifier and age group to send meaningful and interesting messages. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a strong email deliverability rate to connect easily with the target audience. This will also ensure that a majority of your messages reaches the inbox of the target audience.