How to Build an Email List?

Authentic, responsive and quality email list is a key aspect of any email marketing campaign. An email list has the powers to destroy the campaign in the initial phase itself. And, because of this reason a majority of email marketers focuses on building an email list. The following ways will assist you develop a quality email list.

1) Collect offline

Email addresses collected offline in stores are authentic because people with genuine interest in your service or product will bother to sign the address book and leave contact details for you to contact. Additionally, if your company is participating in fair or conclaves, you can exchange the email addresses on such events. At such events, people do not even mind filling out a subscription form because everyone tries to connect and build relationships during such events.

2. Sign up form on the website

One of the easiest ways to generate an email list is by providing a sign up form on the website. It is one of the cheapest ways to build a list because thousands of people visits the website and even if one percent sign up, you have an authentic list to bank upon. Moreover, provide the visitors a pop-up window when they leave the website because if they find the content compelling, they will surely subscribe to the newsletter. However, ensure that there are not too many pop-ups because it will indicate to the customer your desperation for a subscription. Be natural and let the website attract new customers to your business.

3) Never buy a list

As an email marketer, one of the blunders you can ever commit is by buying an email list from different service providers. The list you buy is never authentic and it need not cater to the target audience of your company. You will unnecessarily waste time on such people who have never even heard about your offering. Moreover, such customers will mark your email address as spam and you will hit the axe on your feet. It will hurt your reputation and the chances of losing potential and existing customers is extremely high.
Apart from these methods, you can use social media and email signatures to increase the size of the quality list.