How Tile Companies can Benefit from Email Marketing

Local tile companies face tremendous competition from home decor giants and corporate improvement houses. And, in such a scenario a local tile company finds it extremely difficult to market the brand and leave a lasting impression in the minds of the customer. An email marketing campaign will help the tile company achieve its ultimate goal by roping in new customers.

How to do it?

Sending flyers or giving advertisements in the newspaper is an extremely costly affair and the success of it not guaranteed by anyone. With individual and personal mailings tile companies can easily connect with the customers on a personal level and increase their user base. In the newsletter you can send useful information about the various types and designs of tiles you are offering. Accompanying images will increase the level of user interest to a great extent. You can also send the customers’ tips to keep the tiles clean and increase the shine on the tiles for years to come. Sending useful information to the customer will help registering your brand in their minds and the next time they will consider your company for any requirement of tiles. Through emails you can offer them discount on installation services of the tiles. This will increase the customer base because installation of tiles is a costly affair and any discount on it is considered a welcome change. In short, give customers the reason to connect with your brand at a personal level.

What to avoid?

An email marketing campaign will undoubtedly help the company reach zenith in no time, but there are certain things, which should be kept in mind to avoid failure of the email marketing campaign. Moreover, send the newsletter only once a week or maximum twice a week. This will ensure that the newsletter is awaited and it does not land in the trash box of the customers.  Always put yourself in the shoes of the customer before sending the email. Such a step is useful in understanding the requirement and assessing the needs of the potential customers.

There is huge scope for a local tile company and email marketing is only going to leverage that scope provided you are ready to use the benefits of the email marketing campaign.