How Sunglasses Company can Benefit from Email Marketing?

For a majority of the customers, sunglasses do more just making see bright easier. Today trendy sunglasses are a style statement, and ensures eyes are protected from the harmful radiation of the sun. Customers usually prefer trendy, latest and affordable sunglasses for their daily needs. Sunglasses are sold in all the types of retail outlets including high-end boutiques and with the online shopping coming into picture, sunglasses are even sold online. Email marketing will help you connect with the customers and tap the untapped market. With email marketing, you can easily entice the customer and build long term relationships.

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Focus on the feminine gender

For females, sunglasses are a fashion statement and they love collecting sunglasses according to their dress and the occasion. According to a survey, more than 51% of the revenue generated by this industry is because of the females. Once you are able to attract women to buy the sunglasses from your company, men will automatically follow. You can add children sunglasses next to the women’s sunglasses so that when a mother comes shopping, she picks up the glasses even for her kids. Send out weekly newsletters with the latest trends capturing this market. However, do not send similar information to the customers as it will irk them and the chances of leaving your marketing campaign becomes extremely high.

Discounts and promotional vouchers

Word of mouth publicity spreads like a jungle fire, therefore, try to send promotional coupons to all the customers who willingly joins the mailing list. Discounts are loved by people and you can easily build a large customer base. Send the coupon codes via an email and the redemption can be done once the customer produces the email. This way you will be able to build a large customer base and ensure customer loyalty.

Display tactics

Consider the sunglasses as eye candy and display them in an attractive way. The pictures will be sent out in the monthly newsletter, which will be read by a plethora of prospects. Stack up the shelf in a way such that navigation for the customer is easy.