How Subscribers respond to change in Email Frequency?

What is the fancy member that you should send to the customers every month? What is the frequency of email marketing messages? Clearly, according to the marketers, the more emails you send, every month, the more open rates you will receive in that particular month. The open rates may be high, but with every additionally message you send, the effectiveness of the email communication reduces and customers end up opting out of the email marketing campaign. Deciding upon a fixed number of messages to send every month is a difficult task as the number varies from industry to industry. According to researches, five to six relevant messages per month is enough to keep the readers engaged and maintain high marketing statistics. Subscribers respond to the changes in the following way.


Customers unsubscribe

Nailing the email frequency and providing relevant content to the sender’s is important because a majority of the readers unsubscribe as the email frequency is high. Today’s customers expect highly-targeted messages and if you are unable to provide such content, you will definitely lose out on potential customers in no time. Before you send an email message, ask yourself how the content is going to benefit the readers. Sending irrelevant messages with a high frequency is another reason for customers bidding goodbye to the email marketing campaign.

Customers disengage

Sending too many messages that are of low value will disengage the readers will surely reduce the open and the click-through rate. High email frequency leads to complaints, which hampers the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign. If you are planning to increase the number of messages suddenly, send it to a portion of the mailing list so that you can understand the impact it will create. Testing the frequency will help you reduce the disengagement rate and ensure customers are loyal for a long period.

You can alter the number of mails you send during the holiday season because it is the time when readers are ready to spend for their friends and family members. Send five or six messages every month for a successful email marketing campaign.