How Startups can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Startups find it difficult to attract the potential customers, especially with a fierce competition in the market. The problem for the reader is in deciding, which email to read and which message to ignore. Take a minute and put yourself in the shoes of the reader, as a reader, will you open every message you receive? What is the first thing in determining whether to open the message or filter it as spam? And, once you have opened the message, what urges you to take an action? The answer to these questions will help your startup in carving out a successful email marketing campaign. Master the following tips if you are a startup business looking to build a healthy mailing list.



Believe it or not, readers are bored of dull, boring and long content, which is good only for wasting their fruitful time. You need to select visuals that are not only enticing, but are purpose driven because only then customers will connect and engage with the brand. Remember that visuals have the potential to bring an emotion live and generate emotional response. You can effectively use the visuals to provoke and entertain the target audience. Remember to send visuals in-line with your marketing campaign because the visuals will be able to convey the message effectively to the target audience. Focus on communicating valuable information to the customers and you will never see a dearth in the number of loyal customers.

Send time

A plethora of research has shown that timing is one of the key factors in determining the success rate of the email marketing campaign. Sending messages when the target audience is fast asleep is purely wasting the hard earned money and efforts. However, there is no perfect time to send an email and the time may depend upon your target audience, location and industry. Therefore, test with different timings of the email and send the messages based upon the results of the A/B testing.

Additionally, you can increase the effectiveness and reach of your email marketing campaign by integrating social sharing.