How Sporting Goods Shops can Benefit from Email Marketing

With the FIFA World Cup just round the corner, as a sporting goods store you can earn revenues and increase your customer base. Your shop can be flocked by football lover and enthusiasts if you create a creative and innovative email marketing campaign.  An email marketing campaign is a great way to keep the legacy of the sporting goods store in the minds of the customer.

How to do it?

Football World Cup is one of the most awaited event in the world, whether your country is playing for the cup or not, the fever of the World Cup is sure to capture the local area as well. Send across an email newsletter telling the customers about the rich history of the sport and other important things they are unaware. Offer discounts on football gears and other related accessories. Distribute posters of famous football stars to the youngsters who come. This will increase your sales and popularity in the neighborhood. After the world cup fever is over, you can conduct small cricket, baseball or hockey tournaments wherein in you give heavy discounts on the sporting equipment, which are bought from your shop. This step will keep sporting environment in the area alive forever and you will never face any dearth of customers. Moreover, remember to note down the email addresses of everyone who buys sporting goods from your shop so that you can build your email database.

What more to do?

Send images of the latest sporting equipment of your shop to further entice the customers. You can also send tips on ‘How to maintain an athletic body’ or ‘How to overcome cramps due to excessive playing’. Connecting with the customers in a caring way always work wonders and you will in no time see a surge in the click-through rates. Furthermore, any CSR initiative that you take will not only be applauded by the customers, but it will get recognition in your city. Donating sporting goods to any NGO or an orphanage is a great way to bring happiness in the life of the people who cannot afford it. Along with it, it is a great way to let the customers know that you CARE.