How Small Cruise Companies can Benefit from Email Marketing?

A plethora of customers and guests are under an impression that cruise companies are the ones which cater to hundreds or thousands of guests on a single ship. However, a small cruise company can have an edge by providing extraordinary services on lakes, rivers and near the coastal area. Competing with a capital intensive company would be a challenge and the leading option is to create a niche market for your cruise line.

What should be done?

Pictures speak a lot more than the words and sending pictures of different cruise itinerary will surely attract potential customers. Videos will add five stars to the email marketing campaign as a video about a cruise experience will help the customers predict about the experience they will face while enjoying a holiday in your cruise. Sending weekly updates on the happenings of the cruise will surely entice the customers to come to your cruise instead of going to the competitors.  You can even take a snapshot of the reviews of the customer who have recently availed services from your company and send it as a separate email newsletter. This way customers will come to know about the experiences of a different people. You can even give away email discounts and coupons to the customers who subscribe to your email newsletter. You can even link your social media with the email marketing campaign to leverage the benefits from both the platforms. Email contest is another leading way to ensure customers buy avail your services over the already established players. You can even send customers with tips on what should be avoided and what should be done on the cruise ship. This step will ensure that the customers will enjoy the maximum benefits from the experience.

What should be avoided?

Avoid sending newsletters every day. Customers easily get irked by this step and can choose to unsubscribe from the email marketing campaign. Send the newsletters only when it is absolutely necessary. Moreover, avoid sending too many promotional emails to the customers as it will give an indication of your desperateness to attract customers.