How Schools can Benefit from Email Marketing?

For the promotion of your school and college, email marketing is the lifeline. Students and their parents search online for courses and with a single click of the mouse they get a plethora of information on the website and through other sources on the internet. With an email marketing campaign, you can offer them information that is not available on the internet. Send special coupon codes via email asking the parents to avail a small percentage of discount on giving the coupon code is the best tactic for attracting them to your institution. You can give discounts during summer camps or any additional activity your school hoists.

Build your email list

School fairs offering books or the once having a cultural competition are few ways to increase the email list of potential clients. Send out mails to the existing email addresses, inviting them to join the cultural fest. You can also give them the liberty to call their friends to the fair. The more the number of students and parents turn up, the better it will be for your email marketing campaign. Another interesting way is, collecting the list from your school website and send personalized messages to every kid on board. In the email you can mention that students accompanying with maximum guests will be given a surprise gift. This way you can enhance your email list for the next campaign.

Ask the president to interact directly with the students

If the president reaches out to the student community in a personalized way by mailing information that is relevant to the students and their parents. The information can be anything ranging from the usage of an educational tool to tips on cracking the upcoming test series.  The president can also share interesting topics which may or may not relate to the curriculum. Sending such personalized mails will attract new students next year and the school can receive enhanced funding from the investors.

Share the monthly school newsletter

Let the parents come to know what is cooking in the school by sending them a monthly school newsletter via email. It makes the parent feel relaxed as they know that their child is under the right guidance.

Do your homework properly and explore the email marketing world to reap the maximum benefits.