How Salons can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Beauty salons today find it difficult to market their product in a way they want to. Somehow, the traditional ways of marketing never seem to work for them and for most of the customers, a salon is a place where there is immense usage of comb and scissor. This is a drawback because a salon is not only for this, a lot of creativity and makeover happens inside the salon. And, the leading way by which the salons can target the right audience is through email marketing.

How email marketing can work?

The salon owners can send their latest offerings to the customer through an email blast and inform them about the creativity prevailing in the salon. Pictures of makeover and creative work can easily be shared in an email. Sending email is a simple task and it is easy as well. Investing money in print media and giving advertisement in television is a sheer waste of money as the impact of email marketing will be higher and it requires zero cost. As a salon, you can easily build the email list by asking people who come down to your salon to simply fill in a form containing their email address and name. Regular mail can be sent and customers who often visit the salon can be given huge discounts to attract new customers. The discounts and special privilege given to the loyal customers will definitely attract a lot of attention as excited, loyal customers will share their experience on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This sharing will enhance the overall rating and the perception about your salon.

 What extra can be done?

To further entice the customers and retain them forever, a salon can include tips to keep the hair healthy in the newsletter. Additionally, in seasons when the falling of hair is excess, the salon can give important tips exclusively to the subscribed customers. Email marketing gives the salon a platform to engage with the customer at a personal level. Stay connected with the customers by giving them interesting and fresh content every season.

Therefore, kick-start the email marketing for your salon today to yield fruitful results.