How Retailers can Boost the Performance of their Email Marketing

Even today, many marketers are under an impression that email is an old-fashioned tactic to reach the readers. Did you know that more than 53% of the messages are opened on a mobile phone? This doesn’t happen with a tactic that is old fashioned. With these statistics in mind, you can understand the relevance of email marketing. And, as a retailer, it will help you build a strong marketing campaign. You need to focus on creating value to win the trust of your readers. Here are a few ways of boosting the email performance.


Change your call-to-action

If you’re still using the outdated text link call-to-action, you’re probably missing out on conversions. Focus on using a CTA button to get maximum clicks. Furthermore, keep the CTA short and tell the people what you want from them. CTA above 5 words will not attract the attention of the readers.  A short verb is the essence of an instructional call-to-action. Additionally, many marketers add more than one CTA in their message and confuses the readers. Limit yourself to one CTA per email. Change your call-to-action, if it’s not yielding the desired results.

Make the from address ‘respond-able’

You need to change your email marketing strategy, if you’re sending emails from or Make it easier for the customers to reach your brand by creating email addresses that a customer can send messages. This way you will remove some of the barriers preventing the readers to purchase an item from your brand. Therefore, create a genuine email id and let the customers know they are not on a wild goose chase.

Segment the list

For retailers, segmenting is the mother of reaching the target audience. Focus on sending personalized emails to people to everyone and nurture the workflow that represents their buying pattern. Sending messages without proper segmentation will not yield the desired results. Remember that customers will only make a purchase when your brand sends personalized email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is definitely worth the investment, especially for retailers.