How Retailer can Make a Difference with Email Marketing?

According to a research, more than 62% of the marketers send email subscribers some type of welcome message within 24 hours of the customer joining the email marketing campaign. First impressions are important and can lead to the customer falling in love with your messages. Retailers can work on various things to create an awesome first impression. Email marketing is the leading tool for retailers as it’s cost-effective and helps in connecting with the target audience easily. As a retailer, you need to make a difference, if you want to win the trust of the target readers. Here are a few ways to make a lasting impression and ensure readers stay connected.

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Start with two simple words: Thank You

More than 40% of retailers send a thank you message to customers who have just joined your email marketing campaign. It’s an extremely common courtesy to send Thank You message to someone whom you’ve just met. Email etiquette is essential to win the trust of the target readers. By showing appreciation to the readers, you can easily win their trust. Such messages help in creating a positive rapport, which results in long-term relationship. Therefore, thank your customers whenever they send join your newsletter.

Email Deliverability is essential

As per a research, more than 47% of email marketing reports state that messages delivered to the spam folder are extremely damaging to the reputation of your brand. You need to use personalization and study the purchase behavior of the readers before sending messages to the target readers. Focus on refreshing the marketing list to improve the deliverability rate. You need to put efforts to attract customers to ensure you’re focusing only on readers who respond to your messages. You can use list cleaning services to improve the deliverability rate.

Boost Interactions

Boosting interactions with your initial campaign is essential to nurture relationships. Include a poll to determine the customer preferences. The information you get from the polls can be used to tailor content and meet the requirements of your readers.