How Restaurants can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Opening a new restaurant is an extremely daunting task because a majority of the restaurants does not last even a year. The major reason is high the high fixed cost involved with this business. When the revenue and the profit do not exceed the fixed cost incurred, a restaurant goes into heavy losses. The only way to thrive in today’s competitive environment is creating awareness, building brand value and providing quality service to the customers. Email marketing is the apt marketing tool for a restaurant trying to leave an impression in the minds of the customers.

How to entice the customers?

High end restaurants can survive if free coupons or discounts are not given. However, a restaurant in the budding stage cannot afford to avoid such promotional schemes. Through the email marketing campaign, you can send across different discount coupons to the customers and start building your brand in their minds. You can even send customers an email saying that they are eligible for the discount coupon on their second visit. This will ensure the customers bounce back to the restaurant again. In order to build an authentic email list, participate in authentic fairs and festivals. You will get a golden chance to portray the culinary skills of your restaurant in front of a large crowd. And, if people like your food, they will literally go to any extent to come back to your restaurant. Through the email newsletter, send recent launches and their mouth-watering pictures. Let the customers know the variety of food that you offer. You can also send tips to the customer on healthy eating and ways to cook a food such that the nutrient value of the food is not lost.

What else to do?

Customers who sign up for the newsletter and brings in 5 new customers should be entitled for an appetizer of their choice. The customer bringing in maximum customers can feature in the newsletter. Email contests are another great way to build brand equity and spread the awareness about the newly started restaurants.

Email marketing is a proven and successful marketing tool for a restaurant looking to compete and build awareness.