How Recycle Paper Companies can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Even the advent of laptops and computers, the use of paper has not reduced and is consumed at an extremely high rate both the rich and poor. Though the government of all the nations has urged to reduce the usage of paper in day-to-day life, bringing down the usage to zero is next to impossible. And, if you are a recycled paper company, you have an extra edge and added advantage over the normal paper manufacturing companies because you are not hampering the environment in any possible way. Email marketing will help you achieve the goal and ensure that the customers prefer the notebook and printing paper which your firm manufactures.


Email is also environment friendly

All it takes to trigger an email is a relevant message. Without hampering and causing and damage to the nature, the message is sent across to the customer. You can send the catalogue of the types of paper, your firm manufactures and send it as a part of a newsletter. You can also send the newsletters to the multi-nationals and schools such that they can place bulk orders from you. Send the customer information about the stores where your product is available for ease. You can even offer discounts to loyal customers via the newsletters and give them one more reason to stay connected with your organization always. The need for paper does die once a person is out of school, the usage might decrease significantly, but the need will always exist. Whenever a new school or college session begins, you can attract customers by offering heavy discounts and offers. Connect with bookstores and local book shops to promote the discount fiesta. Email marketing will help you make it large and create an impact.

Follow the golden email marketing rules

If you religiously follow the golden marketing rules, you are sure to taste success in this field. Never try to send newsletters to customers who never opted in for the same. Additionally, do not send emails too frequently and force the customer to report your mailing address.