How Plumbing Companies can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Nothing can be worse than a leaky tap when you enter your home after a tiring day at work. Leakage in the gas pipe, a broken sewage pipe or a wastewater tunnel causes problem to everyone in the neighborhood. It is the time when a plumber comes to your rescue, fixes everything and help you come out of the obnoxious smell. However, the marketing of a plumbing company is an area, which majority of the companies do not focus. Email marketing today is one of the leading options to market and spread the information about the services that you offer to the customers.

 What to do?

The services of a plumber will not be availed if no one knows about his expertise. Therefore, it is essential to spread a word about the services and offering of the plumbing company. The initial step is to join a homeowner’s program from where you can get an email list of all the homeowners in your city. You can easily connect with these customers and entice the potential clients about the quality of work you have done in the past. Unoccupied or vacant house owners should be contacted because those houses are the ones, which require immediate attention. Send newsletters to the clients, offering them discounts on first time service and an additional discount if they bring in their friends or family members. Discounts always help in marketing and selling the service to the customers. You can also portray your unique selling proposition in a way that your point of difference is actually visible to the customers. Send the potential customers information and tips to maintain the water or gas pipe, and what should be their course of action in case of emergency.

 What else to consider?

The switching cost involved with the plumbing industry for a customer is extremely low, therefore, the email marketing campaign should focus on why the customer should avail your services over others. What extra benefits you are providing, which is lacking in the competitors. Therefore, tell the customers about the training, certification or accolades you have received, which sets you apart from the competitors.