How Paintball business can Benefit from Email Marketing

Marketing is not rocket science, instead it is getting the basics correct. Still, a number of businesses fail today because of lack of experience or the inability to understand the customer requirement and behavior. Today, paintball is one of the fastest growing fun sport across the globe and if you are able to effectively promote the sports in your neighborhood and beyond there will be no looking back.

1. Video email marketing

Video email marketing is trending again and marketing your paintball field by creating a video of your field with people playing and having fun will surely attract customers. Upload the video on YouTube and share the content with your email customers. Showcase the paintball field in an exemplifying way to capture the interest of the customers. Depicting a battlefield or a real war is one such example.

2. Send email offers

Customers when playing paintball are charged on the basis of the number of balls each player wants to use in the gun. You can leverage this and offer your email customers with 20 balls free. And, usually a customer who visits a paintball store plays more than 75 balls on an average. Therefore, once if you are able to bring the customer to the field, your paintball business is set to flourish. Such email offers will attract other customers and it will result into word of mouth publicity

3. Target students

Graduate and postgraduate students are usually keen on such sporting activities. Therefore, the leading way to bring in new customers is targeting this group. Procure their college email address and send them details about your paintball. In the newsletter, you can also offer bulk discounts. Students will easily get attracted by such offers. And, if a group of students from a particular enjoys your paintball service, then a majority of the students from that particular college will visit your paintball field.

Think out of the box to attract and entice the customers to come to your paintball field for a lifetime experience.