How Online Merchants can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Nothing would be better than integrating email marketing with the eCommerce platform. You can easily track analytics and understand the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. According to a research, customers who reach the online store using an email are more likely to purchase than other traffic channels. You need to effectively communicate with the readers and ensure you’re capable of retaining your readers. As an online merchant, you can attract more subscribers and guide them to make a purchase.


Deliver value in your email messages

Success of any email marketing campaign is not dependent upon the frequency of messages you send, but depends upon your ability to deliver value. Your subscribers will love receiving messages daily if you send vital and useful information, but they will filter the emails as spam, if you send one mail in a month without providing any real value. For online merchants, it’s essential to send information about new products to the readers on a regular basis. Send promotional offers and discount coupons for readers who are loyal. Focus on building trust, sales will automatically follow.

Know your audience

An eCommerce store can benefit from knowing the anniversary date and birthdays of the readers. These are special occasions and you can flatter the readers by sending irresistible offers. You simply need to know the taste of your audience. Send offers and discount coupons at least one week prior to the anniversary date for the readers to make a purchase. Additionally, segment the readers based upon their location and send location specific content to engage and build trust.

Send print campaign to your readers

Using email in conjunction with other marketing platforms to deliver high results. If you’re running a print media campaign, remember to share it with the email subscribers. Share a soft copy to let the readers know, you value their presence. And, when you run any contest on Facebook or Instagram, invite the subscribers using email marketing.

However, never start any email marketing campaign to send messages only at random intervals. Regularity in email messages is more effective and help in engaging the readers.