How Nonprofits can Benefit from Email Marketing in 2017?

According to a recent research, last year nonprofit businesses received a collective donation of over $373.25 billion dollars. The trend is likely to increase in the coming years as well because people are gradually becoming aware about the need of donating things to the underprivileged. Your email marketing is the leading way to attract and get in touch with donors. Focus on your email marketing strategy to reach the target audience more efficiently in 2017. Here are a few ways to take advantage of email marketing in the coming years.

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The story email

Include a personal element in your email copy to attract the donors. Pick a client that has previously helped your organization and share their story with the potential customers. It gives your email campaign a face and emotionally attaches the reader. Connecting emotionally with the readers is essential to ensure customers want to donate and connect with your organization. Such stories ensure that donors know how they benefit from their generous contribution. Focus on adding a picture and video to connect with the customers.

The announcement email

Time and again make announcements about your involvement with different charity work to keep the readers informed. The goal of sending messages to the readers is to let the subscribers know about the upcoming holidays and events. If you don’t make an announcement, the customers will never know how to reach your brand. Focus on sending a powerful email copy to the readers giving them a detailed information about your plan. Such messages, keep the customers informed and you can receive huge donation from different individuals.

Thank you email

After your customers have made a donation, you need to thank the donors for their participation. However, ensure that you tell the customers how much money you have raised and show the contribution of the donors. Remember to send a detailed information because it will help the customers make a donation in the later years.

You need to focus on attracting your customers by improving your email strategy.