How Nail Salons can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Manicure and pedicures today have become a status symbol in the woman’s world. And, today a woman does not mind paying an extra dollar for availing these services. Therefore, for a nail salon it is extremely beneficial to gear up and pull up their socks to make their presence felt in the neighborhood. Email marketing is one of the leading ways to achieve and leave a lasting impression on the minds of the customers.

What to do?

Polished nails, manicured cuticles and cleaned legs often lead to an awesome first impression and is enough to entice the opposite gender. As a gratification, you can offer 50% off on all the services to the customers who visit the salon for the first time provided they have an email copy of the offer from your saloon. This way you will attract a lot of new customers because after all, who does not want a clean, tidy and beautiful looking nails. You can even send customized gift or greeting cards to everyone who has subscribed to the email newsletter. Ensure that for every client the discount or the gift is different so that it generates curiosity among the customers. Customization is the service industry is loved and appreciated by everyone. You can also send newsletters to the customers saying about the products you use in the nail salon and the services you offer with the price chart. Sending tips to maintain healthy and clean nails will add five stars to your email marketing campaign.

What to avoid?

Avoid sending a plethora of emails to the customer as they can get irritated by it easily. Trigger an email only when it is absolutely necessary. Moreover, try not to advertise using the print media because it is an extremely costly affair and you will spend a lot without gaining much revenue. Print media is beneficial only when your business has mature as you can easily afford such high costs. Ensure you use the email marketing to the best possible use and attract customers by giving them what they desire and require.