How Movie Theatres can benefit from Email Marketing?

Life without entertainment is more or less like food without salt. You can neither enjoy it nor gulp it down without adding salt. And, there is no better place of entertainment than a movie theatre. With movies releasing every week, it becomes easy to attract audience especially on a weekend. However, attracting audience during a weekday is still a big challenge for a plethora of movie theatre owners. The sale figure take a huge deep during the working days, which is a major area of concern, but not anymore with email marketing. Email marketing today is successful and will help you build long term relationships.


1. Target homemakers and children

If you want to see a surge in the number of tickets you sell on the weekday, it is advisable that you target a group which is not working or busy from Monday to Friday. The leading way to achieve this is by offering weekday movie bonanza. The bonanza can include a free mini popcorn with every two tickets a consumer purchase or a toy for every kid who comes to watch the movie. And, such offers will in no time become a hot seller in the neighborhood. In order to build a list of genuine customer, you can ask the people who are availing the offer to bring a copy of the promotional offers received on their respective email addresses. Moreover, word of mouth publicity will definitely bring you in touch with customers who are interested.

2. Email is inexpensive

Another added advantage of using an email marketing platform is that it is inexpensive. The ROI of an email marketing campaign is much higher than any other form of marketing. You will be unnecessarily wasting a huge amount if you want to advertise in the print media or go for television advertisement. The reach will be limited and the impact will be extremely low. Additionally, ad space of movie review is shrinking and only in some tiny corner of the newspaper you will be able to find information about the latest movie releases and offers. Therefore, develop high quality content ad email copy which can be triggered to customers across the city.